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Red Software is an independent provider of innovative software and unique services related to the Portable Document Format (PDF). Our mission is to improve PDF document interaction and integration through innovative products and dynamic customer engagements. Our unique technology allows us to deliver the most powerful web-based PDF reader, PDF form filler, and PDF editor to browsers without the need for Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, or other browser plug-ins. Harnessing this technology, Red Software is committed to enhancing the PDF user experience for both enterprise and non-enterprise clients.

Since its genesis in February 2007, our flagship service, a free-use online PDF editor, has been used by millions around the world.

Based on our flagship offering, we license for server deployments an ASP.NET WebControl which delivers the tightest PDF-ASP.NET integration ever. For more information, please see the RAD PDF product page.

The Color of PDF

As an open standard for document exchange (ISO 32000-1), PDF is relied upon by nearly every industry as common file format for sharing information. Unfortunately, the most common implementation of PDF software is Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader limits the number of things a user can do with a PDF file and makes the ASP.NET - PDF interaction difficult. Red Software addresses the concerns of these core audiences:

Enterprise PDF Users

Presenting a PDF should be easier. Clients should never be concerned with whether they have the right PDF reader installed, its current version, that it offers the right functionality, or that they can trust its safety and security protections. Even if you ask your clients to put up with this, your ASP.NET web application probably still lacks the fine grained feature control and user-interface customization your company desires. Red Software addresses these issues with an ASP.NET PDF control which integrates quickly and requires nothing more of your clients than a modern internet browser.

Red Software is a privately-held company based in Encinitas, CA (USA).

For more information, please contact us directly.

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